6.5.5 Sources Criteria for Selecting Content

Selection of contents is always based on the following Sources criteria:

  • Philosophical: The knowledge we select must be of established value to participants and the society they are going to serve after learning.
  • Psychological: This means that what is selected should meet the needs and interests of the learners. The psychology of adult learners should be learned and applied
  • Sociological/cultural: Values and Problems of Society (focus on the people interacting with each other often looking to the future) What society has achieved, its institutions, aspirations,traditions, beliefs etc should guide selection of content.
  • Needs and Interests of Learners (focus on individual, choice of material based on individual needs, interests, abilities) [Rousseau]
  • Realm of Organized Knowledge or Subject Matter (belief that there is a common knowledge foundation that every student must acquire) [Disciplinary view]

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