Sources of curriculum materials development

Several sources of curriculum materials are as follows:

  • Science as Source
  • Society as Source
  • Eternal and Devine Sources
  • Knowledge as a Source
  • The Learner as a Source

Science as a Source

  • The scientific method provides meaning for the curriculum design.
  • Only those items that can be observed and quantified should be included.
  • Problem-solving should have the prime position in the curriculum, i.e., stress thinking.
  • Procedural knowledge or knowledge of process.
  • The curriculum teaches rational processes for dealing with reality.

Society as a Source

  • Curriculum is an agent of society.
  • Curriculum is designed to serve the broad social interests of society, as well as the local community.
  • Support is shown for society as a curriculum source since the universe is becoming, rather than existing for our detached scientific viewing.
  • Society shows where to modify the curriculum.

External and Devine Sources

  • Curriculum design should be intended to perpetuate
  • It should pass on the significance of people’s values and society personal morality.
  • Devine will, eternal truth from the Quran.
  • Today these sources are reflected through the curriculum designer’s values and personal morality.

Knowledge as a Source

  • One of the prime sources of curriculum.
  • Disciplined knowledge has a particular structure and particular method(s) used to extend its boundaries.
  • Disciplined vs Undisciplined Knowledge ✓ Disciplined unique ✓ Undisciplined = various (training)

The Learner as a Source

  • Curriculum is derived from what we know about the learner.
  • We draw much from the psychological foundations.
  • Based on cognitive research.
  • Emphasizes “learning by doing”.

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