This design focuses on personal attributes and skills of the individual learner. These may include such aspects as: working well with others, effective leadership, knowing how to take and follow directions, communicating effectively, making accurate observations, learning independently, making decisions, making good judgments, inventing, forecasting, planning, monitoring the effects of one’s own activities, taking correction action when necessary, creating, initiating, developing a sound value system, having self-confidence, being sensitive to others.

The developments of skills and traits that will serve the learner for a lifetime characterize this design. There is a higher degree of carry-over everyday living experiences than in other designs, and a better balance between affective and cognitive considerations. The library media center can provide materials, resources and services promoting independent learning and creativity.

This curriculum design suffers from a difficulty in assessing learning outcomes due to subjective judgments. Parents may be skeptical The diagram below shows how the learner transfers these process-oriented skills in ever-widening circles from himself, to his schooling, to life as a productive member of society.

The Process-Oriented Curriculum Design

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