The purpose of a curriculum:

  • Is based on the social aspirations of society,
  • Outlines the goals and aims of the program,
  • Is expressed as goals and objectives.

There are three categories of goals and objectives:

  • Cognitive, referring to intellectual tasks,
  • Psychomotor, referring to muscular skills,
  • Affective, referring to feeling and emotions.

An objective is defined as intent communicated by a statement describing a proposed change in the leamer (Mager, 1992). An objective is a statement of what the learner will do as an outcome of instruction and a statement of change in the behavior of the learner as a result of the instruction or training. Objectives generally are written in terms of the learner’s performance or behavior. Learning objectives must be ‘SMART‘:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic/Result-oriented
  • Time framed

Objectives are specified because:

  • they enable the teacher to select learning materials and teaching methods,
  • they guide the teacher in creating the learning environment in which objectives can be accomplished, and
  • They show learners what is expected of them.The curriculum should reflect the relevance of whatever the society deems to be important.

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