The nature of social growth and development has been defined by various experts in different ways.

1.Francis F. Powers:

Social development can be defined as “the progressive improvement, through directed activity, of the individual in the comprehension of the social heritage and the formation of flexible conduct patterns of reasonable conformity with this heritage.” In this sense, social development emphasises the fact that growth must be progressive.

2. Sorenson:

In the words of Sorenson, “By social growth and development we mean the increasing ability to get along well with oneself and others.” This means that a socially developed person has accepted tastes, attitudes and behaviour patterns.


According to Hurlock, social development is the “attaining of maturity in social relationships”.


Garret regards social development as the process whereby the biological individual is converted into a human person”.

5.Freeman and Shomel:

Social development is the process of learning to conform to group standards and traditions and becoming imbued with a sense of oneness, intercommunication and cooperation.”

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