The true nature of Educational Psychology may begathered from the following points:

An Applied Science:

Educational Psychology is an applied science; or we may say, applied psychology, because, it is the application of psychological principles to the field of education.

A Positive Science:

Educational Psychology is a positive science, and not a normative science. This means that it just explains the educational facts as they are, and does not pass judgements over them. Thus, it studies the laws of child’s nature as they are and has nothing to do with ‘ought to be’.

A Social Science:

Educational Psychology is a social science. Though Educational psychology studies the individual from the educational point of view, its results are applicable to all the individuals, or at least to a group of individuals. Thus, this science has social implications.

An Educational Science:

By its very implications, Educational Psychology deals with educational problems only. Thus, while general psychology deals with the behaviour of the individual in various spheres. Educational Psychology studies the behaviour of the individual in educational sphere only.

A Specific Science:

The science of psychology is somewhat general in nature. It studies the human mind in its entirety. Educational Psychology selects from the total field of general psychology only those facts and principles that are of specific significance and utility for the process of learning and teaching.

A Practical Science:

Educational Psychology is not merely speculative in nature with no relevance to the world of reality. It is rather utilitarian and practical in nature. The educator and the teacher make use of the knowledge of Educational Psychology at every step. In fact, effective teaching is impossible without the knowledge of Educational Psychology.

A Growing and Developing Science:

The science of Educational Psychology is ever-growing due to constant researches in this field. This science deals with human nature, which is too deep to be probed fully. New facts about human nature are therefore coming to the fore on account of researches in this field. Thus, the science of Educational Psychology is ever growing and developing.

An Academic Discipline:

G. Lester Anderson is of the view that Educational Psychology is an academic discipline. It is so since it is focussed upon the human behaviour. Its results can be summarised or generalised into principles or theories. The information, the knowledge, its principles, its methodology- all that constitutes the substance of Educational Psychology, provide a basis for educational theory and practice.

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