Motivation is the most important factor in learning. In school learning, motivation involves arousing, sustaining any desirable conduct. Educators have considered motivation as “the well-spring of all learning”. Psychologists have consensus on this point that motivation is the essential pre- condition to learning. Some expert views are given here:

  • Prof. John J. Ryan rightly says, “Motivation isthe very heart of the learning process. Adequate motivation not only sets in motion the activity which results in learning but also sustains and directs it.”
  • McConnell says, “The organism motivated to learn”.
  • View of Gates. “The problem of motivation lies at the very heart of a sound educational programme… motivation is indispensable to learning.”
  • Kelly’s View. “Motivation is the central factor…of the process of learning.”

When the teacher first meets his class, the matter of motivation must receive his primary attention. The success of the teacher depends on how well he can arouse the interests and motivation of pupils. He will manipulate the class-room situation in such a way that pupils are induced to pursue their goals vigorously and enthusiastically.” It has been rightly said that “The secret of successful teaching is to discover means of making the pupil like and want to do the things that the teacher wants to do. This requires, on the part of teachers, knowledge and understanding of the common needs, goals and motives of pupils.

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