There is an ever-increasing awareness that almost all educational problems are ultimately the problems of psychology. This means that Education and Psychology are intimately and inseparably connected with each other. Psychology is the study of human behaviour, and Education is a process aiming at the modification of human behaviour. Thus both deal with human behaviour. Psychology studies human behaviour as it can be modified. Thus, Psychology and Education are just the two sides of a coin. Educational Psychology is, therefore, that branch of educational science, which deals with human behaviour and its modification.

Definitions of Educational Psychology

1.Skinner’s View.

According to Skinner, “Educational Psychology deals with the behaviour of human beings in educational situations.”

2.Stephen’s View.

According to Stephen, “Educational Psychology is the systematic study of the educational growth and development of a child.”

3.Judd’s View.

Judd is of the view that Educational Psychology is that science which “explains the changes that take place in the individuals as they pass through the various stages of development.”

4.View of Walter B. Kolesnik.

According to Kolesnik, Educational Psychology is “the study of those facts and principles of psychology which help to explain and improve the process of education.

5.View of Peel.

According to Peel, Educational Psychology broadly deals with the nature of learning, the growth of human personality, the difference between individuals and the study of the person in relation to society. It is the science of education.

6.View of Crow and Crow.

Educational Psychology describes and explains the learning experiences of an individual from birth through old age.

7.Trow’s View.

Educational Psychology is the study of the psychological aspects of educational situations.

8.Anderson’s View.G.

PsychologyLester Anderson has viewed Educational academic discipline. Accordingly, educational psychology

  • is focussed on human behaviour;
  • is a body of facts and information, gatheredafter observation, which can be generalised into principles or theories;
  • has a scientifically developed methodology to investigate and arrive at useful solutions of the problems in hand.

The information, knowledge and principal of Educational methodologies constitute the content Psychology. They, in turn, provide a basis for modern educational theory and practice.

Thus, Educational Psychology is the body of scientific knowledge about two activities-education and psychology. Its subject-matter is concerned with the conditions that affect learning.

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