Some of the earliest research on effective teaching focused on the personal qualities of the teachers themselves. Results revealed some lessons about three characteristics: knowledge, clarity, and warmth.

1.Teachers’ Knowledge:

Teachers who know more about their subject have a more positive impact on their students. When we look at teachers’ knowledge of facts and concepts, as measured by test scores and college grades, the relationship to student learning is unclear and may be indirect. Teachers who know more facts about their subject do not necessarily have students who learn more. But teachers who know more may make clearer presentations and recognize student difficulties more readily. They are ready for any student questions and do not have to be evasive or vague in their answers. The quality of teachers—as measured by whether the teachers were fully certified and had a major in their teaching field is related to student performance. Thus, knowledge is necessary but not sufficient for effective teaching because being more knowledgeable helps teachers be clearer and more organized.

2. Clarity and Organization:

Clarity is the most promising teacher behavior for future research on effective teaching. Teachers who provide clear presentations and explanations tend to have students who learn more and who rate their teachers more positively. Teachers with more knowledge of the subject tend to be less vague in their Explanations to the class. The less vague the teacher, the more the students learn.

3.Warmth and Enthusiasm:

Some teachers are much more enthusiastic than others. Some studies have found that ratings of teachers’ enthusiasm for their subject are correlated with student achievement gains. Warmth, friendliness, and understanding seem to be the teacher traits most strongly related to student attitudes. In other words, teachers who are warm and friendly tend to have students who like them and the class in general. But notice, these are correlational studies. The results do not tell us that teacher enthusiasm causes student learning or that warmth causes positive attitudes, only that the two variables tend to occur together. Teachers trained to demonstrate their enthusiasm have students who are more attentive and involved, but not necessarily more successful on tests of content.

4.Ideal Character:

A good teacher should be a model in character. His attitude should be praiseworthy. He should have good habits. He should be a true Muslim. He must be the follower of Islamic Values like brotherhood, truth, equality and justice. It proves often through observations that most of the students idealise their teacher. Therefore, a teacher should not be the victim of smoking, bad company and wandering etc.

5.Balanced Personality:

An ideal teacher have always a balanced personality. He always keeps-his emotions in control. He establishes the atmosphere of cooperation instead of quarrelling with others. He chooses moderation instead of terrorism.

6.Literary Interest:

Literary, interest is one of the characteristics of an ideal teacher. A good teacher is always the fond of literature, He has interest in studies. He harmonizes his knowledge with age demands with the help’ of new books, magazines, newspapers, radio and T.V. Due to he extensive studies; he can easily answer of students questions out of syllabus also.

7.Love with Teaching Profession:

An effective teacher always loves his profession. He performs his teaching duties understanding it worship. He knows that his profession is likely to act upon on Sunnah. He feels pleasure in transferring his knowledge to the students.

8.Professional Skills:

An effective teacher is a man who possesses the professional skills. He has professional education and knows the latest teaching and knows the latest teaching methods. A good teacher always knows the teaching skills.

9.Awareness to Children Psychology:

A good teacher should be aware the psychology of the children and different stages of the growth of the children. He must be aware of the physical, emotional; mental and social problems of the children. In this way, he can teach the students effectively.

10.Teaching Methods:

The latest research has introduced new ways of teaching in educational field. In old educational system, the teacher was the centre of education but now a days, the educational activities revolves around the personality of the children. Different activity based methods of teaching have been introduced’ as activity based method e.g; Montessori method Dalton Plan and project method. An ideal teacher uses the teaching method according to the ability of the children.

11.Polite Attitude:

Politeness is another characteristic of a good teacher. He conquers the heart of others through his good behaviour and politeness. His students and colleagues like him due to his politeness. Because of it, the school atmosphere becomes pleasant.

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