Applying Theory in Classroom Encouraging Moral Development

  • Recognize that younger children will respond to moral conflicts in different way as compared to older fellows.
  • Try to take the viewpoint of the children and simulate their value opinion.
  • Develop awareness of moral issues by using a variety of real and hypothetical moral dilemmas.
  • Moral values should be encouraged all the time; not only during the relevant period.
  • Encourage classroom environment that encourage the open discussion.
  • Ask “Why” questions about the moral dilemmas likewhat would they do if they were in the same situationunder discussion. Ask them to explain why they wouldact that way.
  • Complicate the dilemma i.e. if at this place there had been your best friend then how would you have reacted.
  • Use naturalistic and personal dilemmas. Put students in the position of people confronting a dilemma.

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