1. Low Responses:

The mailed questionnaires have lowrates.

2. Limited validity of data:

If the response rate of mailed questionnaires is less than 40%, the data obtained are of limited validity.

3. No clarification:

In case of interview, clarification can be made of ambiguous questions but in questionnaire there is no provision of clarification.

4. Emotional topics:

It is not helpful in finding informations about complex emotional subjects. People do not like to put their personal feelings in black and white. The delicate and controversial issues can be discussed only in interview.

5. Body language remains unnoticed:

The behaviours, gestures, emotions and reactions remain unnoticed.

6. Lack of Motivation:

The questionnaire has no potential to motivate the subjects to respond on a specific issue whereas in interview, interviewer can motivate the subjects and can get responses on a specific issue.

7. Lacks representative sample:

The respondents who return the questionnaires may not constitute a representative sample. Only more responsible, research minded or those in favour of issue may choose to respond.

8. It is impossible to put down certain delicate issues in writing

9. The questionnaire can not be used will illiterate subjects and children.

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