Limitations of observation

  1. Subjectivity

There is a great chance for personal prejudices and bias of the observer.

2. Less accuracy.

As observation is recorded after some time of occurrence of events so records written may not be 100% accurate.

3. Interference

Observation is self interfering. The act of observing produces distortion of the phenomenon.

4. Objective Recording

There is danger of concentrating on the aspects of limited significance simply because they can be recorded objectively and accurately.

5. Lack of Competency

Lack of competency of observer may hamper validity and reliability of observation.

6. Unnatural Situation

The people being observed become conscious and begin to behave in an unnatural manner. The situation does not remain real and natural.

7. Expensive

It is a costly affair. It involves expenses on traveling, staying and purchasing of sophisticated equipment.

8. Slow and Laborious

It is slow and laborious process. A particular situation desired to be observed might not occur for long time.

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