Limitations of Interview

1. Expensive:

Interview is comparatively a costly affair. The cost per interview is higher than any technique used to collect data.

2. Bias:

Interviewer bias is the major weakness of the interview. Interviewers tend to get data that aggress with their personal conviction.

3. Time Consuming:

A busy person may prefer to fill out a questionnaire at convenient time rather than submit to a long interview.

4. Large no of Workers needed:

A large no. of trained field workers are required to take interview which entails a lot of expenditures.

5. Recording of data is difficult:

The data obtained from interview is difficult to record. Writing during interview affect rapport and recording affect conduct of interview. Writing after interview leads toward unconscious selection of the material.

6. Does not suit specific categories:

Interview does not suit infants, sky people, and deaf people.

7. Needs Expertise:

As the objectivity, sensitivity, and insight of the interviewer is crucial, high level of expertise is required to conduct an interview.

8. Tape recording makes the interviewee cautious:

Cautions take him away from giving any secrets.

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