D. Test

A test is a means of measuring the knowledge, skill, feeling, intelligence, or aptitude of an individual or group. Test objectivity means that an individual’s score is not affected by the person scoring the test.Validity is the most important quality of any tes Validity is concerned with what a test measures and for whom it is appropriate, reliability refers to the consistency with which a test measures whatever it measures.Specification of conditions of administration, directions for scoring, and guidelines for interpretation are important characteristics of standardized tests.

Types of Test

1. Achievement Tests:

Achievement tests measure the current status of individuals with respect to proficiency in given areas of knowledge or skill.Standardized achievement tests are available for individual curriculum areas such as reading and mathematics, and also in the form of comprehensive batteries that measure achievement in several different areas.

2. Aptitude Tests:

Aptitude tests are used to predict how well someone is likely to perform in a future situation.Tests of general aptitude are variously referred to as scholastic aptitude tests, intelligence tests, and tests of general mental ability,

General Aptitude:

General aptitude tests typically ask the individual to perform a variety of verbal and nonverbal tasks that measure the individual’s ability to apply knowledge and solve problems.

While general aptitude tests are intended to be measures of innate ability or potential, they appear actually to measure current ability.

Since they seem to do a reasonable job of predicting future academic success, and are in the sense measures of “potential” they are very useful to educators.

Specific Aptitude:

Specific aptitude tests attempt to predict the level of performance that can be expected of an individual following future instruction or training in a specific area or areas.

Aptitude tests are available for a number of specific areas such as algebra, music, and mechanical ability.

Multi-aptitude batteries, which measure aptitudes in several related areas, are available for the assessment of both academic and nonacademic aptitudes.

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