Characteristics of matching type Test

1.It is a selection type test.

2.It consists of two parallel columns.

3.Word, number or symbol in one column is matched to a word, sentence or phrase in the other column.

4.The item in the column for which a match is sought are called premises.

5.The items in the column from which the selection is made are called responses.

6. It measures factual informations based on relationship between two things.

7. Relationships between two things include the following:

DatesHistorical Events
AuthorTitles of Books
ObjectsName of objects
Below are listed capital cities in the first column and countries in the second column. Place the letter corresponding to the country in the space before is capital city. Each match carries one point.
capital city Country
(N)1. AnkaraA. Australia
(J)2. BaghdadB. Burma
(F)3. CairoC. Canada
(D)4. ColomboD. Ceylon
(L)5. IslamabadE. China
(H)6. JakartaF. Egypt
(O)7. LondonG. India
(M)8. ManilaH. Indonesia
(Q)9. MoscowI. Iran
(G)10. New DehliJ. Iraq
(E)11. PekingK. Japan
(B)12. RangoonL. Pakistan
(I)13. TehranM. Philippines
(K)14. TokyoN. Turkey
(P)15. Washington D.C.O. U.K.
P. U.S.A
Q. U.S.S.R

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