C. The Questionnaire

It is a data-gathering instrument through which respondent, answer questions or respond to statements in writing. It consist of series of questions or statements that are submitted to those from which information is desired.Types of Questionnaire

1. Closed Form

The questions that calls for short, check mark responses are known as the restricted or closed type. It is easy to fill out, takes less time and is fairly easy to tabulate and analyze. It is more acceptable and convenient for the respondents.

2. Open Form:

It calls for a free response in the respondents own words. The respondent frames and supplies his own response. It provides for greater depth of response. It is difficult to interpret, tabulate and summarize.


1. Economical:

It is economical way of collecting informations of significance to researcher. It is economical in term of time, effort and cost.

2. High Coverage:

It is the best tool for scattered subjects. It permits a nation wide as well as international coverage. It makes possible contact with those who could not otherwise be reached.

3. Group administration:

It allows group administration and covers a large group at the same time.

4. Ease:

It is easy to plan, construct and administer.

5. Dependability:

It is regarded as dependable when used to obtain statement of facts.

6. Personal informations:

Personal informations can be obtained when respondents are allowed to omit name and signature or if assured that their replies will be kept confidential.

7. Responses at leisure time:

It permits the respondents to answer at leisure time. It does not place pressure for immediate response.

8. Validity of responses:

The written responses in the language of respondents increases the validity of responses. In interview or observation, recording by the researcher decreases the validity of responses.

9. Great Potentiality:

The questionnaire has great potentialities when it is used properly. If it is eliminated, the progress in many areas of education would be greatly handicapped. It is easy to tabulate and analyze.

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