8.8 Scoring the Test

It involves select convenient and accurate procedures of marking or scoring the responses of the pupils.

Scoring the essay tests can be improved by:

1. Using a scoring key.

2. Adapting the scoring method to the type of questions used.

3.Evaluating all the answers to each question at one time.

4.Commenting on the scripts will be of value for pupils.

5.Evaluating without looking at pupil’s names.

6.Obtaining average of two or more independent ratings.

7.Controlling the influence of irrelevant factors. Scoring of objective tests can be improved by using:

1.Scoring key when separte answer sheets are provided

2. When separate answer sheets are using, a scoring stencil is more convenient.

3.When there is no scoring key, mark tick ( ) for correct, mark cross (x) for wrong and mark (zero) for omitted.

Count the score as:

Score = Total no. of items – wrong or missing items.

4.Count and write the score on each page

separately and than add all.

5.Mark one for each item.

6.Inform pupils for using guessing correction formula.

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