8.4 Selection of Appropriate Test item

The tests constructed by teachers may be classified as objectives tests or essay tests, which may be subdivided into the following basic types of test items.


A. Supply type

1.Short answer

2. Completion

B. Selection type

1. True-false or alternative-response

2. Matching

3.Multiple choice


A. Extended response


Restricted response

The objective test presents pupils with a highly structured task which limits their response to supplying a word, brief phrase, number, or symbol or to selecting the answer from among a given number of alternatives. The essay test permits pupils to respond by selecting, organizing, and presenting those facts they consider appropriate. Both types of tests serve useful purposes in measuring pupil achievement. The type to use in a particular situation is best determined by the learning outcomes to be measured and by the advantages and limitations of each type. A common practice is to include both objective test items and essay questions in classroom tests.

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