5.2 Standardization on standardized Test:

A Standardized test or scale is one that has been standardized with respect to administration and scoring. The questions on the standardized test are prepared very carefully. Before they are administered they are standardized on a large number of students. This means that they tried on several thousand children in order to determine their sui ability for various categories of the students. On the basis of the results various tests are declared standard for students studying in various classes.

Giving and Taking of Standardized Tests:

The standardized tests are very easy and pleasant both to give as well as to take. In order to answer the questions in them, the students have simply to put ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, ‘True’ or ‘False’ etc., against them. The time consumed in taking these tests is also very short as compared with that taken in the essay type examination. The examiners, too are relieved of much bother in marking the answer books.

Kinds of Standardized Tests:

These tests could be divided into two main groups as follow:

(a) Those that fulfill some specific educational purpose.

(b) Those that test efficiency in a school subject or in general information etc.

Some Standardized tests that fulfill some specific educational purpose are as follow:

Standardization, Administration and scoring:(i)Quantity, Rate and speed Tests.

These standardized tests aim at measuring the quantity, rate and speed of pupils in a particular subject or skill.

(ii)Range Tests.

Such tests are designed which an individual can answer increasing in difficulty progressively. to measure the extent to questions which go on

(iii) Quality Tests.

These tests purport to measure the quality of a subject-matter hand writing, art, skill etc.

(iv) Accuracy Tests.

Such measure the accuracy of a pupil in fields like reading, spelling, arithmetic, typewriting etc.


Mixed Test.

This type of the standardized test combines in one and the same test the purposes of all the four tests mentioned above.

The two main groups of the standardized tests which purport to measure efficiency in subjects of study are as follows:

(i) One variety of the test aims at measuring proficiency in a number of school subjects through one and the same test.

(ii) The other variety of the test is designed to measure proficiency in various school subjects through different and separate tests. Each one of these tests is devoted to testing and measuring proficiency in one particular subject

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