4.3 Comparison Of The Essay And Objective Type Test

1.Number of Questions:

The number of question in the essay type test is very small, generally eight or ten question in the paper. There are a large number of questions in the objective tests.

2. Length of Answers:

Answer in the essay tests are large. The answers are so short in the objective test as can be written in a word or two or at most in a sentence.

3. Specificity:

Essay type question are usually broad, general and indefinite. The examinees are at a loss to know how much they will have to write as answer. Objective question are specific narrow and definite.

4.Influence of Personal Factors:

In essay type personal factors like bias, temperament whims, etc, of the examiner influence marking. Scoring becomes objective in the objective tests.

5.Partial Credit:

In the answer of the essay test there is scope for partial credit. Answer may be partially wrong and right. In the objective tests, there is no provision for partial credit. Answer must either or be right or wrong and hence full or no credit.

6.Duration of Time:

In the essay tests examinees have to devote a long time, question can be answered in a short time in the objective tests.

7. Coverage of Contents:

In the essay tests, question are selected at random and the entire course is not covered. Some chapters or questions are completely ignored. The entire course can be covered by comprehensive question in objective tests.

8. Premium on Expression/Thinking:

Essay tests put premium on expression. Students hardly find any time to think over the question. Objective test put premium on thinking.

9.Linguistic/Intellectual Skills:

Pupils having linguistic skill are at an advantage in essay tests. Objective tests are advantage to the intellectually smart students.

10.Time for Framing Questions:

It takes a short time to frame questions in the essay tests. It takes a long time to frame question in the objective tests.

11.Student Preparation:

Student find it easier to prepare essay question.They can safely omit many portions of the subject matter in the essay tests. Students have to devote a longer time to prepare, as they have to go through the entire course for clear conceptions.

12.Testing of Composition:

Essay tests are very suitable for testing composition skills and knowledge of the subject. Objective tests are not suitable for testing composition and skill as well as appreciation of the subject.

13.Chances of Guessing:

In the essay tests there is relatively less scope for ‘guessing’ questions. Students prepare themselves from ‘Made easy’ books. In the objective type there is more scope for guessing answers.

14. Time for Examining Scripts:

Essay tests take a longer time in examining scripts. Short answers take less time to examine scripts.

15.Printing Cost:

Printing cost is small in the case of essay tests since there are many question in objective tests hence, printing is costly in the objective tests.

16.Answer Script Cost:

Answer script cost much as answers are very lengthy in the case of essay tests. Answers being very short and usually can be written on the question paper itself, this makes the answer scripts less costly.

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