3.1 Completion Type Test


1. It is supply type test.

2. It is in the form of sentence in which one or more words have been left out with blanks.

3.The examinee fills the blanks with correct words.

4. It is presented in an incomplete statement.

5.It measures low level of learning.


1. The formula for common salt is (NaCl)

2. The capital of Iran is. (Tehran)

3. The bioling point of water is °C. (100°C)

4. The white light consists of colours. (7)


1. In completion type of test there is no recognition, but only recall, reduce the process of guessing to a minimum.

2. One can be asured that the path followed in the solution of the problem is pretty largely controlled.

3. As compared with usually essay type it directs the thought process towards a definite goal and prevents padding and bluffing.

4.It is economical of space, easy to construct and allows a wide sampling of subject matter in a comparatively short time.


1. When we compare it with selective type, it appears that it is harder to score because it is impossible to predict before hand exalty the answer which the student will give.

2. It deviates slightly from the lists of acceptable answer furnished by the key and hence are difficult to score.

3. Modern age is the age of scoring. Machine works as a substitute of any method of scoring.

Therefore, interpretative aspect of the answer is a distinct disadvantages.

Suggestions for constructing completion items:

1. Omit only important words.

2. Avoid providing more than one blank in one sentence.

3. In paragraph, number of blanks should be according to the length of paragraph.

4.Write the desired unit when quantity is asked.

5.Mark one for correctly filling one blank.

6.Blank must have one correct answer (word)

7.Avoid indefinite completion items.

8.Do not take statements directly from text books.

9.Leave the blank at the end or middle rather than at the beginning.

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