1.6 Distinction between Measurement and Assessment/Evaluation


1. Measurement is the process of obtaining a numerical description of the degree to which an individual possesses a particular characteristic.

2. It answers the question “How much?”

3. Measurement is limited to quantitative description only.

4. It is concerned with tests and examinations.

5.It involves collection of data.

6. It is only a quantitative assessment of instructional outcomes.

7.Measurement describes a situation.

8.It is basic and limited concept.

9. Measurement is component of evaluation.

10. It provides results in numerics.

11. It provides percentage.

Evaluation / Assessment

1. Evaluation is the systematic process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information to determine the extent to which pupils are achieving instructional objectives.

2. It answers the question “How good?”

3.It includes:

(i) Quantitative description (80/100 Marks)

(ii) Quantitative description (non measurement)

(iii) Value judgement (Asjad is making goodprogress in Maths)

4.It is concerned with whole process of education.

5.It involves evaluation of data.

6.It is continuous process which covers every aspect of an individual’s achievement in an educational programme.

7.Evaluation judges the worth or value.

8.It is comprehensive and vast concept.

9.Evaluation is a whole process consisting of measurement and non-measurement techniques.

10.It interprets numerics.

11.It evaluates percentage.

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