1.4 Concept of Evaluation

According to Norman E. Gronlund (1985):

“Evaluation is the systematic process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting information to determine the extent to which pupils are achieving instructional objectives.” (Answers the question “How Good”)

According to Mehrens & Lehmann (1984):

“Evaluation is the process of delineating, obtaining and providing useful informations for judging decision alternatives.”

According to Ebel & Frisbie (1991):

“Evaluation is an information gathering process that results in judgements about the quality or worth of a performance, product, process or activity.”

According to Murry Print (1993):

“Evaluation usually refers to making judgements about student performance and behaviour and the use of that information to enhance both learning/ teaching and the curriculum.”

“Evaluation is a systematic process of determining the extent to which educational objectives are achieved by the pupils.”

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